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Hospital Resources

Whether seeking to mend a minor injury or receive life-saving care, hospitals provide a service to their communities which  As of 2009, there were 5,795 hospitals registered in the United States with 944,277 staffed beds. In the same year, there were 39.4 million hospital discharges.

Common Services by Region:

The overall number of registered hospitals in the Pacific Northwest and California is small in comparison with the rest of the country, only accounting for eleven percent of the country’s hospitals. Comparatively high percentile rankings in this region for services include the field of transplants, cardiac surgery, and neonatal intensive care units.

In the Midwest, cardiac catheterization services are commonly found in area hospitals, as are computerized tomography (CT) scanning facilities. Hospitals in the region also hold a high percentile for trauma centers in comparison with the rest of the country. Alcohol dependency programs are also found more commonly in the Midwest than in other parts of the country, as are hospice programs. The percentage of hospitals offering rehabilitation services is also greatest in the Midwest.

The Southwest also provides cardiac catheterization at many of its registered hospitals and a slim majority of them also offer medical-surgical intensive care units.

Hospitals in the Northeast and the East Coast hold a high percentile for multiple services. Chemotherapy is a commonly provided service in Northeast hospitals and hospitals in the Northeast also hold the highest national percentile for bariatric or weight control programs. For patients who need linguistic or translation services two-thirds of the hospitals in the Northeasts have staff on hand to help with those needs. Treatments such as extracorporeal shock-wave lithotrispy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy and pediatric psychiatry have their highest percentiles in the Northeast as well.

The South is notable for containing the largest number of hospitals for a given region. Services with large percentiles in the South include heart-related procedures and medical-surgical intensive care units. Transplant services and hospice care are relatively uncommon in the South when compared with their frequency in other regions of the United States.

Notable Hospitals by Region:
Pacific Northwest & California




East Coast